Clinical strength restorative laser hair treatment is now available in the comfort of your own home.

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Most laser remedies on the market today are highly inefficient and do not properly target the right wavelengths. Most of the time you’ll actually see underpowered LED lights in place of lasers, with no evidence of improved hair growth.

The key to treating hair loss with lasers is using the correct wavelength – not all lasers are created equal. We have researched the market and recommend the Theradome Helmet – developed and made in the USA. The laser helmet delivers the maximum amount of light through 80 lasers via a wavelength of 678 +/-8nm for maximum hair growth. This is the first and only FDA OTC cleared, wearable clinical strength laser treatment that has a proven to grow new, healthy hair and slow down and stop hair loss.

Suitable for both men and women and all skin types. Results are usually seen after 4 months usage – including improved hair lustre and body, a healthier scalp, reduced oiliness, less inflammation and reduced hair loss. With continued use fuller and thicker hair will result. Includes 1 year warranty.


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