At The Crown Clinic, we strive to deliver the very best in hair restoration and client service, and put your privacy and comfort first. There is no one option that fits everyone, so it is our goal to deliver the best, most effective and personalised solution for you.

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“Before being stressed about my hair, I can relax – my own hair is re-growing and I’m thrilled. Thank you!.”


“I first started getting implants back in 1998 and have been getting regular replacements once or twice a year. It has been incredibly successful for me and would recommend anyone looking at hair replacement options to consider implants”

Bruce J

“A fast and painless procedure and the results are instant – I am delighted with my ‘new’ hair!”

Robert R

“I should have done this sooner – thank you to the professional team at Crown Clinic. I’m now enjoying thicker hair!”


“I wanted to thank you for your help in regaining my hairline which up till now has been a source of despair and anguish. This procedure has some pain to it, which in my case lasted less than a few days, and all the time bearable.
It is worth every dollar as it is something that goes with me everywhere – in short the best money I have spent in a long time”

Glen G

“You counselled me to try a hair transplant of 1000 hairs, which I did. I must admit to some scepticism at the time, but just 12 months after the procedure, I am parting my hair again. I can’t tell you how this has affected me personally.
I am in wonderment every morning as I face the mirror!”

David S

“a result in just a few months. I’m just so pleased – first class all the way – thank you!”


“I would just like to convey how impressed I was with your staff for my recent procedure. The treatment was first class!”


“I have been a dedicated client with The Crown Clinic for many years. The staff have always been friendly and approachable – I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.”

George D

“This is fantastic, thanks for your support – I couldn’t be happier! Best of all nobody knows what I’ve done!”


“I love it, the difference but is huge. Now I can make different hair styles!”


“Thanks to the team at the crown clinic, fantastic personalised service. I now have the look I always wanted. Thanks so much!”


“Before 4 months of using Minoxidil I found my hair had started to return – now 12 months down the track I’d swear that all my hair has grown back.”

Paul J

“I didn’t know why I was losing my hair. Now I have all the facts and I am getting results. The Crown team have been so supportive.”