Couvré Hair Loss Concealer


COUVRé Medium Brown Hair Loss concealer.  With this undetectable lotion-compound nobody will ever see that your scalp is showing through, or even notice that your hair is thinning. Whether you are thinning in the front, at the crown, or anywhere else, COUVRe will eliminate the problem – instantly. Suitable for men & women and all hair types.

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This product has been discontinued by the US manufacturer. Stay tuned for a replacement product.

COUVRé Hair Loss Concealer is specially formulated to make hair look instantly thicker by eliminating the contrast between thinning hair and scalp.  This masking formula is easy to apply and so subtle – it’s not greasy or sticky, and won’t rub off or stain. COUVRé cannot block pores or interfere with normal hair growth in any way.

COUVRé is applied by dabbing it onto your scalp with its sponge applicator. Scalp show through vanishes immediately. You may then style your hair as usual.

The waterproof, dry-touch formula with natural pigments conceals the scalp, resulting in hair that looks fuller and thicker.  This hair loss lotion provides long-lasting, subtle color that won’t rub off or stain.  Resists water but washes out with shampoo. Couvre is safe for everyday use and is available in 5 shades: Black – Dark Brown – Medium Brown – Light Brown – Grey

Includes one, reusable applicator sponge.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.


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