The Crown Clinic is Sydney’s most popular destination for PRP and has performed over 2,000 PRP treatments.

PRP is a simple and safe process that is suitable and effective for both men and women in the early stages of hair loss. Treatments are performed with our specialist PRP team with visible results seen in 6 months.

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How does it work?

The scalp is cleansed and numbing cream applied. While the scalp is prepared, a small amount of blood is drawn from the patient. This blood is then centrifuged to separate the blood components and produce the PRP which in turn is either injected or infused into the areas of hair loss. Patients are able to resume normal activities after this procedure.

All PRP treatments are performed in a sterile environment with our highly trained and experienced Registered Nurse / Phlebotomist.

PRP harnesses the growth factors carried in the blood supply and then delivers a concentrated dose back to the affected scalp and hair follicles. The growth factors in the platelets stimulate the follicles to grow hair. The hair follicles in the resting phase (telogen) may be pushed into growth, and this will appear as new hair growth.

What Can PRP Treat?

PRP can be used to treat a range of hair issues, including:

  •  slowing the rate of hair loss
  •  regrowing thinning hair to be thicker and fuller
  •  boosting the health and condition of the scalp
  •  stimulating collagen levels
  •  preparing the scalp for hair transplantation & post hair transplantation

PRP can also assist in the treatment of skin and scalp conditions such as:

  • dry, itchy and inflamed scalp
  • genetic hair loss
  • alopecia areata
  • telogen effluvium (commonly caused by stress)

Our Consultation Process

The Crown Clinic offers a complimentary, obligation-free consultation where you will have the opportunity to discuss the hair restoration options available to you. We will review your medical history, evaluate your hair loss and address your concerns and your expectations.  Appointments are available at our two locations:

Sydney CBD Clinic – Level 14, Park House, 187 Macquarie Street (next to Martin Place train station)

Campbelltown Clinic – Suite 1, Level 1, 251 Queen Street

We Also Offer Online Consultations

If you are unable to attend our offices for an in-house consultation, an online or phone consultation can be arranged. Just fill out the online consultation form – we will review your notes and ask you to send in some relevant photos for our assessment. These are treated in confidence.

We always reply to emails – if you haven’t received an email reply please check your spam folder!

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