Dry shampoo and hair loss – is there a connection?

Dry shampoo

It seems like every beauty blog and lifestyle site addressing hair care has been advocating the use of one particular product, branded the holy grail of hair care products: dry shampoo. With all kinds of varieties promising to soak up grease and make our “second-day” hair look clean even after a trip to the gym this product seems like it can do wrong, right?

Recent studies are now discovering links between excessive dry shampoo use and hair-loss and damage. Some claim the products have caused bald spots and hair thinning as a result of use, whilst others have simply dismissed the claims. In some cases excessive overuse without proper cleansing in between might be linked to the hair loss symptoms some people have experienced.

Discover more about the link between dry shampoo and hair loss and other contributing factors. Read the full article here.

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