The Difference Between Fue Hair Transplants And Nido Synthetic Hair Implants

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FUE hair transplants and NIDO hair implants are two popular hair rejuvenation treatments offered at The Crown Clinic in Sydney.

If you’re losing your hair it may not have anything to do with your hair care routine. A staggering 94% of hair loss in men is caused by male-pattern-baldness which is a hereditary condition resulting from a sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Hair follicles that are sensitive to DHT become stunted and eventually unable to produce hair eventually leading to baldness.

The Crown Clinic is solely focused on hair-loss solutions making it the go-to clinic for all your hair loss concerns. With a team of medical professionals to expertly diagnose the exact cause of your hair loss (in some cases hair loss is linked to extreme stress or illness), we can recommend a solution that is right for you and your needs.

While the decision to gain back your hair may not be a difficult one (not everyone can bald gracefully like Jason Statham), how you plan on getting your hair back is a completely different story. Advancements in technology and trichology have created many new and exciting options for gaining back your hair since the days of the toupee and permanent hair is a happy choice for many men.

The Crown Clinic offers both FUE hair transplants and Nido synthetic hair implantation. With great results from both. Understanding both procedures and aftercare can make your choice a little easier.

Book a professional evaluation and hair health check to find out which option is best for you.

Transplant vs. implant

FUE hair transplants are follicular unit extraction transplants. Hair follicles are extracted one by one from one part of the body and implanted into the scalp where they will produce stronger, healthier hair that is not only your own but is not sensitive to DHT and is unlikely to leave you bald again. Although hair will initially shed it will grow back again naturally.

NIDO synthetic hair is implanted into the scalp. It is synthetic hair made to resemble the colour and texture of your natural hair and implanted to simulate hair follicles in the scalp.

As this is synthetic hair the results are immediate and there is no waiting for the hair to grow. In fact, the synthetic hair never grows and remains the chosen length although it may be cut.

Hair transplant recovery

FUE hair transplants are a minimally invasive procedure even though the procedure takes place on more than one site of the body; the harvest site and the recipient site. Both sites are minimally wounded with only small puncture wounds both where the follicle is extracted and where it has been implanted.

Normal bruising and swelling that comes with every invasive procedure may occur. This will quickly subside in less than two weeks.

NIDO synthetic hair implants only have one procedure site which also presents as small puncture holes where the hair has been implanted. The wounds may not be visible through the hair. However, healing may take longer that FUE transplants since the wounds are slightly bigger and the skin must grow over the base of the implant as part of the recovery process.

Procedure aftercare and your new hair

You are not advised to wash your FUE transplants (or the harvest site) during the first 24 hours after the procedure and thereafter it is advised to use diluted shampoo or baby shampoo poured over the area without any rough or vigorous washing.

Hair care after hair transplant

You can start your normal hair care routine include brushing and styling in at least two weeks when the scalp has healed.

NIDO synthetic implants need more regimented aftercare to reduces chances of rejection and infection. Because the hair is synthetic and foreign to the body there is a (slim) chance that the hair may be rejected by the body.

Although rejection is unlikely when all the necessary procedures have been followed after care is still very important to prevent infection. Hair NIDO implants are collagen-based and chemically bonded to the natural hair preventing bacteria infecting the scalp. However, the scalp can get dirty and infection could result from that.

Keeping the implant site clean is very important. A detailed consultation with our experienced medical professionals will help you create a new hair care routine that will keep your hair and scalp in good clean condition.

Is FUE hair transplant permanent?

Both hair implants and transplants result in permanent hair and while you will get to keep your full head of hair for a very long time, the hair can and will probably change.

Natural hair transplanted during FUE will grow and may even turn grey in time as part of a natural process. The surrounding hair may also thin as part of the ageing process requiring more transplant treatments to maintain a uniformed look. Transplant hair may be styled and even dyed as desired and treated as natural hair after healing and recovery are complete.

Synthetic NIDO hair will not grow or grey naturally because it is synthetic, however the texture and colour of the hair may change or become damaged over time or through styling. NIDO hair is permanent but may be removed one strand at a time if necessary and replaced with new strands.

Best hair transplant method for you

Before any procedure is performed, one of our medical professionals at the Crown Clinic consults with patients to determine the cause and severity of baldness. This and other lifestyle and health factors contribute to the procedural options each patient may have.

Based on lifestyle and needs, a combination of treatments may be used to create the desired appearance including the use of concealers to create the illusion of hair volume between implant and transplant treatments, which are often spaced weeks apart to allow optimal healing.

Both hair implants and transplants are delicate procedures requiring the utmost care and expertise. As such, these should only be performed by qualified medical professionals in a clinical facility. The Crown Clinic in Sydney offers state-of-the-art facilities and treatments to our patients and the only clinic in Australia licensed to perform NIDO Synthetic hair implants.

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If you would like to learn more about your hair transplant or treatment options, book a free consultation and hair health check with the experienced team at Crown Clinic in Sydney.