SMP Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is the revolutionary procedure of a realistic, undetectable tattoo for the hairline and scalp area and is suitable for both men and women.

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What’s involved with SMP

Using a micro-pigmenting technique, SMP recreates the look of short or shaved hairs by strategically placing pigments on to the scalp.  This technique can be performed on short or long hair and can help redefining your hairline, mask the signs of Alopecia Areata, camouflage scarring and old hair transplant scars. We provide a gold standard treatment all performed in a cosmetic medical clinic of the highest standard.

SMP + Hair Transplant Combination – the Crown Clinic Full Density Hair Transplant.  SMP can also be combined with FUE Hair Transplant surgery.  An SMP+FUE combination procedure is a great solution, offering clients the texture of real hair with the appearance unlimited density.

The Full Density Transplant

Hair Transplantation is the recognised gold standard of permanent hair restoration. Now it has not been possible to achieve 100% density.

When combined with SMP, the Crown Clinic Full Density Hair Transplant will achieve the texture of newly transplanted hair with the extra density of SMP.

SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation is a semi-permanent technique using color pigmentation applied to the skin. We create fine hair-like strokes or dots to achieve the look of hair on the scalp.

By combining Hair Transplantation and SMP, we can achieve the texture of real hair, with virtually limitless density at your disposal, no matter how much donor hair you have available.

Most people like the feel of  having real hair on their scalps. When combining traditional hair restoration techniques and a highly advanced scalp micropigmentation process, you will benefit from the best of both worlds. Real hair with real texture, with the look of thickness and fullness that only scalp micropigmentation can provide.

The SMP Procedure

Scalp Micropigmentation is a semi-permanent technique using colour pigments applied to the skin.   We create fine hair-like strokes to disguise the look of thinning hair on the scalp. A hypo-allergenic pigment is implanted into the skin and will generally last from 2 to 5 years.  Results will vary depending on the client’s exposure to sun and resistance to pigment.

Depending on the depth of colour requested, most people are comfortable in public within 2 to 5 days.

What areas can be treated with Micropigmentation?

  • Micropigmentation can create the visual effect of a full head of hair for men
  • Micropigmentation can disguise existing Hair Transplant Scars
  • Micropigmentation for density enhancement in women with thinning hair
  • Micropigmentation correction for Alopecia Areata patches
  • Density enhancement for low donor coverage after FUE –Follicular Unit Transplant
  • Brow pigmentation can enhance the density and shape of eyebrows

Is this the same as a normal “tattoo”?

Yes and no. Yes – it can be considered as a form of tattoo, however, the pigments are distilled water based (opposed to the common oil carrier based pigments in conventional tattoos) thus resulting in a semi-permanent lasting result.

The work involved with SMP is only performed on the skin surface – thus, making it a MUCH SAFER treatment than traditional cosmetic tattoos. The colour can also be adjusted in alignment with the original hair colour, which results in a realistic look.  Unlike normal cosmetic tattoos, this technique does not leave a flat, dull and fake look that tattoos leave behind.

How long will the treatment last?

Treatments will last from 2 to 5 years, with retouches recommended when needed.  All initial treatments will need between 2 to 4 sessions to achieve your final result.

Who performs the treatment?

Kathy TroungOur Senior Dermal Therapist Kathy Truong is our Certified SMP Practitioner & Specialist.  Kathy has over 20 years’ experience in dermal therapy, cosmetology, and micropigmentation.

Our gold standard procedures are performed in a private and relaxing treatment room within our cosmetic clinic at Level 14 Park House, 187 Macquarie Street, Sydney.


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Everyone’s hair needs are different and we will do a close assessment to determine the best treatment options for you as well as exactly how many sessions you will need. Usually, hair micropigmentation requires three sessions, each taking 2 to 4 hours with at least a week in-between sessions. The process of spacing out treatments allows for a gradual build-up and rejuvenation of your hairline. In terms of maintenance, Scalp Micropigmentation treatments last about 5 years before patients need to come in for a touch-up.

During the process, most men and women will experience some mild discomfort during micropigmentation, although there are anaesthetics available to numb the scalp and prevent that discomfort altogether. Furthermore, some areas of the scalp may be more sensitive, but the slight pain will become more tolerable as the treatment progresses.

Hair replication specialists believe that regular tattoo needles are too thick to create realistic looking hairs which are the opposite of what you want. They say that finer cosmetic makeup needles are more appropriate for hair treatments. It is imperative that the needle should not be perfectly round because when magnified, hair follicles are actually jagged and irregular and the needle used to mark your scalp should mimic that.  Of course, also make sure the facility uses brand new needles on each customer.