Female hair transplant

In the last decade, hair transplanting techniques have advanced and our understanding of female pattern hair loss has evolved. Women previously thought to be ineligible for surgery can now benefit greatly from this procedure. Although not all women with female pattern hair loss are candidates, many can be helped with this procedure.

Similar to men, potential female candidates must have a good long-term potential donor-recipient ratio and have realistic expectations and goals.

The procedure

Under a local anaesthetic our surgeon will take a thin strip of hair from this area (‘donor area’). The hair follicles are then dissected and the non-hair bearing tissue is removed. Hair follicles naturally grow in groups of one to three individual hairs, and so the grafts are dissected as they occur – in one, two and three follicle groups.

Each follicle, or ‘graft’ is then skilfully relocated to the thinning or balding area of the head (‘recipient area’). The grafts are transplanted into their new position at an angle which mimics the client’s own hairline. The recipient area heals in just a few days with no scarring. The new hair starts to grow in approximately three to four months.

Hair transplantation is the only proven, permanent solution to restore naturally growing hair. The transplanted hair retains its colour, curl and texture and will require regular cutting and styling. Your own hairdresser won’t know the difference. Transplanted hair looks natural wet or dry, can be styled the way you like and is yours to enjoy for a lifetime.

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