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Last updated on May 17, 2023

What is the best treatment for hair loss?

Crown FUE hair transplant (follicular unit extraction) now delivers the most advanced method of hair transplantation at a price within everyone’s reach. We boast a surgical team with over 5,000 hair transplant procedures worth of experience that will transform your appearance in just one visit to our Sydney CBD clinic.

The difference for Crown FUE HT clients means no scars, no stitches and virtually no pain. Our cutting-edge procedure uses the latest innovations and the safest and most advanced techniques available to achieve the most natural-looking results.

With Crown FUE HT we extract each follicle one by one with a simple, non-invasive and highly effective method. The hair follicles are prepared and then positioned in the area of your concern. Recovery time is minimal and you will begin to see the results within one to three months.

What is Growth Factor treatment for hair loss?

It is a 100% natural procedure that uses the body’s own growth factors to stimulate follicles and encourage new hair growth. It can be effectively used to stimulate newly transplanted follicles or to complement an existing hair loss medication program. Our body’s blood is constantly circulating – providing us with nutrition, oxygen, and waste removal. Blood is mostly liquid, with numerous cells and proteins suspended in it.

The liquid makes up about half the content of our blood. It contains antibodies & transports nutrients such as salts, proteins and enzymes throughout the body. It also can contain growth factors that repair damage and injuries. It is derived from our own concentrated blood, and this concentration contains the proteins and growth factors needed to stimulate hair follicle growth, increase circulation to hair follicles and decrease the inflammation that accelerates hair loss. The Crown Clinic is Sydney’s most popular destination for Growth Factor Treatment and has performed over 2,000 treatments of it. It is a simple and safe process that is suitable and effective for both men and women in the early stages of hair loss.

The Crown Clinic has been specialising in all areas of hair loss and hair restoration since 1999. In that time, we established ourselves as one of the leading hair loss clinics in Sydney and Campbelltown.  We have successfully treated patients with hair loss conditions ranging from alopecia areata to the more common androgenic alopecia – offering the latest treatments available.

To book a consultation or to find out more information regarding hair loss and the treatments offered at The Crown Clinic contact the team today!




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