• March 25, 2019
  • Crown Clinic

Last updated on July 27, 2023

Crown Clinic was featured in a recent article published on dmarge.com

An exert from the article

“A few weeks ago we brought to your attention the incredible physical transformation that the Italian millionaire playboy Gianluca Vacchi had gone through.

It was a post on Vacchi’s own Instagram which showed off the transformation of the 51-year-old to the world in just a few undisclosed years – more muscles, fewer wrinkles and more hair. It all culminated in a single question: Did this trendy old guy discover the fountain of youth? Answer: not quite. According to the millionaire entrepreneur’s comments from previous interviews, he had only ever had vitamin injections and “that’s all”. “I am of course fighting against age, but age has two consequences: the physical one, which you can fight if you eat well and you train,” he added.

Whilst the physique part is true, we weren’t fully convinced with his seemingly rejuvenated hairline, so we asked hair transplant expert James Nadin of The Crown Clinic in Sydney to explain what he thinks is going on with Vacchi’s mane game”.

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