The Crown Clinic has been specialising in all areas of hair loss and hair restoration since 1999 – in that time we have established ourselves as one of the leading hair loss clinics in Sydney and Campbelltown.  We have successfully treated patients with hair loss conditions ranging from alopecia areata to the more common androgenic alopecia – offering the latest treatments available.

We offer a free 30 minute assessment to determine the cause of your hair loss and the most suitable treatment to address the problem. Book now.



Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr Rad Naidu has performed FUT Hair Transplant procedures for over 20 years and is an internationally recognized and respected specialist in hair loss management. Dr Naidu is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration and was trained by renowned international Hair Surgeon Dr P.J. Panagotacas.

Using the latest technical advances and micro-transplant techniques, Dr Naidu and our advanced surgical team can create a totally natural result. We are dedicated to providing each and every patient with the highest standards of aesthetic surgery.

We encourage our patients to talk about their concerns. We want to be sure all their questions are answered and they are totally comfortable with the procedure. Our teams’ common goal is to improve our patients’ enjoyment of life and we take this responsibility very seriously.


Dr Tony Prochazka MBBS, FFMACCS

Hair Transplant Surgeon

FUE is our most popular procedure and is performed by Dr Prochazka and our advanced surgical team that have performed a combined total of over 10,000 procedures in FUE and FUT.

Dr Prochazka was the inaugural Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery, and a former Vice President of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia. He is a regular presenter and lecturer at international conferences.

Our goal is to meet and hopefully exceed our patients’ expectations. This starts with our comprehensive consultation process where we take time to understand our clients’ needs. We are the leading FUE hair transplant organization in Australia and provide a high level of support and after care.

Dr Tony Prochazka

James Nadin

Managing Director

“In this industry, meeting expectations is often challenging, but always rewarding”

It was James’ vision that first brought together the fine surgeons and experienced team that has made The Crown Clinic such a popular destination for our loyal clientele.

His career in the industry started when he founded a hair transplant clinic that dedicated itself to offering relaxed, realistic and believable options to an industry better known for high pressure sales tactics.

He carried this ethos through with him to The Crown Clinic knowing it would find an audience that appreciates an easy going atmosphere supported by a highly motivated and skilled team.

Dr James

Emily Meredith

Senior Dermal Therapist

Emily is our Senior Dermal Therapist and Phlebotomist, specialising in FUE Hair Transplantation and our successful PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments. Emily’s background is in nursing and skin care and has a passion to achieve great results for our clients.

With a caring personality and a drive to constantly improve, Emily’s impressive treatment and product knowledge translates to great in-clinic experience for our clients.

Emily Meredith

Kathy Truong

Senior Dermal Therapist & SMP Specialist

With nearly 25 years’ experience in dermal therapies, Kathy is passionate and dedicated to achieving great results for her clients.

Kathy specialises in the art of SMP Scalp Micropigmentation and is one of Sydney’s most experienced technicians in this field.  In addition, Kathy is one of our Senior Therapists specialising in PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma, providing clients with unrivalled personal care.

As well as being a qualified and experienced Dermal Aesthetician, Kathy is also a Government Accredited Trainer, so you can trust your skin is in good hands!  Kathy also works closely with our surgeons to deliver amazing post-surgical results and the complete cosmetic experience.

Kathy Troung